My Fellow Graduates If You Can’t Invest in Business, Invest in the Hearts of Needy People.

Well, I found countless number of quotes about this belief, Helping Others at Priceless Rate. To mention few ; 

You can get everything you want in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want-Zig Zaglar

Our prime purposes in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them-Dalai Lama.

The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you. The more you help others, the more they will want to help you-Brian Tracy.

Its very clear that there is silver lining in every priceless cloud of helping others. However, in this article my concern is specifically to college graduates. Of course, my fellow graduates.

Since our fifth phase government came into power, it tightened its economic policy. Dr.Magufuri began his phase by reforming economy with special attention being to civil servants especially ‘ghost workers’ This exercise came with other measures at hand such as freezing promotions and as well as new employments. This affected many college graduates especially class of 2015 and 2016 whose their programs always soared direct employment such as teachers, doctors and others.

As result graduates are encouraged to start business or any form of self employment. This wave of ‘Kijana Jiajiri’ is advocated by politicians, social activists, philanthropists, experienced entrepreneurs and many others. Graduates are inspired to become their own  Boss. 

Yet, despite such good advice that makes a young graduate to be free financially, voices of ‘no capital’ have become greater than the advice itself. So it has become like ‘acceptable excuse’ that motivate someone to remain idle waiting for job opportunity or capital. Other excuses include lack of business experience, network, entrepreneurship skills and poor government support. Its fine. 

But my argument here  is not about whether those excuses are right or not, I aimed to encourage altenative way to success, it can be completely altenative or as approach to solve those excuses.

As we’ve graduated with different ranges of skills and knowledges that are transferable. We’ve potential to devote our skills to the people in needy. Our communities are faced by many problems that range from lack of education in various fields such as climate change, sustainable agriculture, business writeups, business consultation, legal education, ICT, sustainable environmental and natural resources management to disadvantaged orphans, children and disableds. All these can be utilised as opportunities to demostrate your ability and competence, thereby broadens your chance to earn what you’re seeking for including high paid jobs, capital, networking and valuable experiences. 

Volunteering is Important and Starting from Zero Pays.

I was born in early 1990’s in one of small village allocated in Western Usambara, Lushoto District Tanga. I’m coming from peasant family and my father died when I was seven years of age. So I was mostly raised under single parental care, my mother always fought to ensure that she deliver good upbringing to her seven children including me. We earned our living by selling firewoods, milk and some food crops such as beans. I also saw my brothers engeging in manual temporary jobs. Initially it was very difficult to imagine how can I get out and find my way to higher education. Finally, God is Good. I was fortunate to start my primary education and remain in the formal academic pipe up to University of Dar es Salaam where pursued  B.A (Ed) in Geography and Economics. And in 2016 I graduated. Alhamdullillah ! 

Indeed to come from single parented peasant family and managed to graduated successfull, It’s Great Luck. However, unmployment as crosscutting issue also affects me. So as we’re encouraged, I have to employ myself and more specifically to start my business or any kind of legal self employment. How do I start then ! 

Of course I would like to be entrepreneur, but how do I start from ZERO ? Now here comes my approach which I recommends to my fellow graduates too.

I decided to invest in the community, using all my potentials-aspirations, values, interests, skills in helping them to care for their environment, solve their social and economic challenges and create or innovate new solutions. All these at zero price ! I believe in helping others. 

In economics, there’s monetary policy called devaluation. This is purposeful lowering value of domestic currency in terms of foreign currency. It’s main goal is to increase volume of exports demanded as domestic commodities will traded at lower price than it was before devaluation.  The same to me, I began by ‘devaluating’ my services. Making all my efforts lower than my educational qualifications.

I went back to my native village, I started working with groups of youth and women that engage in activities such as small saving unions so called vicoba.  I helps them to create formal leadership and organizational structure including having constitution and get formal recognition. I also helps them to write business/peoject proposals and other formal writeups. Overtime, currently my work has began to gain familiarity to neighbour villages and whole district. Todate, I works with many CBO’s, NGO’s that engage in various activities from business to environment. I also volunteer to works with politicians including our Member of Parliament for Lushoto Constituency and other local government leaders. Despite the fact that I help to create positive changes in my communities, there are many opportunities that target me as results of my efforts. All my priceless works has enabled me to win trust among people because I’ve invested billions of money in their hearts. I can sense bright future. I’ve began to shake hands with potential individuals and leaders. My network expands, I’m connected. I can see my access to get capital is not far that much than it was before. Its accessible. 

Yet, I’m not successful. But I’m trying to narrate my approach-my process. I know there so many guys out there who are doing better than me, who have done greater than me. Its very Interesting. This post however, is for those graduates who are still lagging behind this Investment. 

I urge you to join the movement, I urge you to devalue yourself. I urge you start investing in the hearts of people in needy. And If you find it hard to invest in their heart, invest in their environment to serve their planet. And that could be the door out to your success. 

Be the agent of change in such a way that you find it hard to imagine how the world would be without you –Halidi Daffa